Digital Content Creation

Manojit Ghose

bringing ideas to life with digital design, film, and visual arts cross-media!



TLDR- Creating custom tailored video communication! 

Starting right from paper with a script then storyboard, pre-visualizations, video-shoot, motion design, general 3D, Character design development and production, editing, compositing…


For whom?

We have had the pivilege to work with very open minded clients. Thanks to our clients for their trust... CAT, Samsung, Nestle, Ferrero, PepsiCo, Johnnie Walker, Tesco, CitiBank, BNP Paribas, Żywiec, Actimel, Fantasia, Godrej, Airtel, OnePlus, Macrobond Sweden,  Zee TV, TV 18, Star TV, Viacom, Nokia, Bigstar, Forbes, Danone, Tata, ITC, Allianz and more…



Tools and tech

Change is the only constant! Relevant and modern tech is essential for blending artistry and technology to translate visions into effective communication.  
Some of the usual suspects are… Adobe Creative Cloud Production suite, Cinema 4D, Houdini, Zbrush, Otoy Octane Render, and Redshift Render. 





Krakow, Poland - 31-518 manojitghose@gmail.com +48 512 875 636